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A Double Purpose

A Loving Appeal

A Plea for Leadership - The Leadership of Elders in the Church of God 

A Plea for Scriptural Principles 

A Return To First Principles - Seven Reasons Why

A Scriptural Assembly

A Teenager Speaks

Abortion - What About It? 

Addressing God in Prayer and Worship


An Interview with St. Peter  

Another Year

Are All The Children In?

Are Christians Who Are Gathered To The Name of the Lord Jesus a Sect?

Are You A Contented Christian? 

Are You Fully Covered?  

As The Twig Is Bent

Assembly Harmony - The Symphony of God 

Backsliding and Restoration 

Bad News for Religious People


Baptism in the Spirit

Barley Fields and Bean Patches

Be Not A Mocker Lest Your Bands Be Made Strong

Because of the Angels or the Napkin wrapped in a place by itself

Before You Marry

Beggars . . .A Scriptural Principle Much Neglected

Believe It Or Else by Ripley

Blessed Adversity

Blessings or Baalam

But Thou O Man of God

Can One Cease Believing?

Christ Is All

Christ, the Advocate, The Father's Chastening, The Forgiveness of Sins

Christian Baptism

Christian Simplicity 

Church Membership and Church there a difference?

Come Let Us Adore Him

Contributing to the Deliquency of a Minor

Could the Lord Jesus Sin?


Discipleship And Its Dangers In The Last Days

Disobedience / Obedience

Divorce and Remarriage 

Do good people go to Heaven?

Do you know Mary?

Do You Ask Why?

Do You Offend Children?

Don't Get Trapped

Don't Sell Short

Every Believer A Priest 

Explosions Present and Future 


Fear or Faith?

Five Good Cheers 

God says you can be sure

Happy New Year

Hath - A Word for the Anxious

Have You Ever Met My Best Friend?

He Is Coming Again

He Is Risen

Head Covering In The Assembly

Heart Trouble

How Can We Know The Way

How To Be A Healthy Happy Christian 

How You May Know You Are NOT Saved

I Am The Door

I have nourished and brought up children

If Every Christian In The World Were Just Like Me

In God's Hands

In My Name

Is Christ Divided?

Is The One Pastor System Scriptural?

Is The One-Pastor System Scriptural?

It Is Time We Faced Facts

It Was His Whole Life


Lessons For His Sheep


Lord, Revive Us Again

Marriage & Divorce


Motivation for God

Musings on "Me" 

Nehemiah 8:10

Overcoming that...After-Camp Spiritual Dive 

Pleasure only or Procreation?

Power Unlimited

Retired Retirees

Righteousness -- What Kind Do You Have?

Schooled in the Assembly of God

Selfish Teaching?

Should Christian Women Wear A Head Covering in the Church?  Is that covering her hair or what? 

Sinners Only

Slander - A Dangerous Weapon 

The Bible Chapel

The Blessings of Old Age

The Catholic Priest and the Dying Man

The Christmas Jesus came to my home

The Christian and Competitive Sports

The Christian and Politics

The Cross In The Tree

The DEATH of Christ, The CROSS of Christ, The BLOOD of Christ 

The Eternal Harbour

The Joy of Being with Christ 

The Judges Hobby

The Lord's Day Or . . . 

The Mole

The Prodigal Son...ME!

The Promisemaker 1997?  

The Titles of Men 

The True Grace of God  

The Truth About The Spirit

The Unanswerable Question  

The Unpardonable Sin

There Is No God

Three Important Declarations

Three Questions 

To What or To Whom Are You Gathered? 

We All Fall Down

What Are Your Desires?

What I Have Found:My Introduction to New Testament Assembly Principles

What Is Faith?

What is this foolishness about? (Gay Rights)

When A Christian Sins  

When God Led His People Back To First Century Practices of Church Truths 

Where Hell Is

Whither Bound?   Final Destination?

Why the Son of God became the Son of Man 

Will My Child Be In Heaven?

Windows NT 


Your Own 

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